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Joe from Bay Cannon in Tampa, FL


Are you an overwhelmed brewery or craft beverage owner? Did you start your business to follow your dreams, but now you're bogged down with administrative tasks, with little to no time to create? We know how that story goes. You want to focus on your trade, but instead, you're meeting with distributors and health inspectors, handling government affairs, filing reports, and juggling all of the other headaches that come with running a business. We know firsthand that brewers and artisan beverage makers are faced with difficult, expensive decisions, as well as a lack of funds, resources, and time. We know the struggle and the challenges because we’ve lived it, and we’ve found solutions.

How We Got Started

In 2019, the founder of D9 Brewing Company had the vision to help others succeed in the craft beverage community. Joined by a respected Master Brewer and industry advocate, Community Brewing Ventures (CBV) was created. As CBV grew, we equipped our team with experts in their field — ranging from retail to sales to marketing, and beyond. In 2022, we changed our name to Bevana to fully encompass our role in the industry.

Steve and David from Fatty’s Beer Works in Charleston, SC

Interested in becoming a Partner?

Contact Aaron Gore at to inquire about becoming a partner.


No! Although we love working with breweries, we partner with a variety of artisan beverage makers — whether it’s kombucha, seltzer, hard coffee, or the cutting edge of new beverage innovations.

Our research and development brewery, known as the Bevana Hub, is located in Newton, North Carolina. Our Master Brewer and partners work closely together to brew all Bevana Beverages to look and taste exactly like they do in their hometowns. We then work with trusted brewing partners from across the country to grow and meet the demand of craft drinkers everywhere.